Come find out why cloth diapers are cool again! From fun, fashion forward colors to baby-friendly fabrics, everyone loves a GADBaby diaper!

The secret to Green Acre diapers is in the design. They have smart side snaps, which makes it easier for mom and dad to get the diaper on, but harder for babies and toddlers to take off. Plus no scratchy Velcro!

Each diaper has 3 adjustable snap settings on the back wings which helps you customize the fit for your babies body shape.

GADs are made with PUL, a waterproof fabric, for the outside layer & buttery soft micro fleece or bamboo velour for the inside layer.  Once you feel one of these diapers, you won’t want to go back to disposables! Coupled with a trim hemp insert inside, you have a super-absorbent pocket diaper that will turn heads!

These things are bullet proof. Leaks don’t stand a chance!

Check out all the cool colors- and pick your favorite.

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